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Question 2. In class, we proved that if f is integrable on [a;b], then jfjis also integrable. Show that the converse is not true by nding a function f that is not integrable on [a;b] but that jfjis integrable on [a;b]. Solution 2. Consider the function f(x) = ˆ 1 if x 2Q 1 if x 62Q: A computation similar to one in a previous HW shows that f is. For other queries can also follow me on instagram..... Link 🎐

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then f(x)is termed AP-integrable on In, hi. The common value of the two bounds is called the definite AP-integral of f(m) and is denoted by (AP)If(t)dt. Theorem 2. If f(x) is D-integrable on a,b], then f(x) is also AD-integrable on [a, b and the integrals coincide each other. Thereexists afunctionwhichis AD-integrable but not D-integrable on.

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